Bookbinding 101

I have decided that I am going to attempt to hand bind my book! This will add to the rustic and found-object look I am going for in my design. Yesterday in class we made a book cover as practice for binding our own books. Below is a picture of what I made. We used archival binders board for the backing and spine, and bookcloth with paper backing to wrap around it. We used PVA glue to attach the cloth to the binders board. If this was the final hard cover for a book, you would add the book block by using quick bind tape attached to the inside cover boards. Endpaper would cover up the tape and make it look nice and clean.

book cover boards

Our final mini book cover without the book block pages

This is a great youtube video on the basics of book binding. 

Online Tuitorials:

This tutorial is for hand sewing and binding a book with a lot of pages. It is a little advanced for my project, but I thought it was helpful to see step-by-step photos and all the materials that are used. Very clear and easy to follow.

How to bind a small book (very similar to our class exercise.) Again, the pages are in signatures and the sewing method is used to attach the pages together.

How to bind a book using ribbon.

This website is an amazing resource with links to tutorials for bookmaking, bookbinding, pop-up books, tunnel books, and more!

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